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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2006|11:50 am]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |awakeawake]

W.O.W.... this has been a long time since i ever looked at this thing. so no i havent died i just dont have a very good computer to work with around my house. so here i am writing in this after a very long time.

love u all.
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WOAH! [Aug. 6th, 2005|08:54 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |tiredtired]

today was so fun. i spent the day with Milo and my Grammy. God we have great times man, we went and saw Wedding Crashers today. that movie is hysterical, me and Milo were complete idiots during the entire movie. it was so funny though. the movies great, me and Milo agree Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's characters are exactly like we are hahahaha, that was fun.

guess what? i got a job, i start sometime next week, isnt that great??? i'm not sure if i'm that happy about it or not. i am but then i'm not. i'm gonna be much happier with the money so i can get a car and my license before school starts. which is gonna be great ^.^

but yea. things are happening all the time. i have one third of my summer goal completed, which i guess is good, or bad, or whatever.

gonna go. bye now.

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Hello [Aug. 4th, 2005|01:18 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |awakeawake]

i'm actually updating this thing again! wow its amazing. this week has been pretty interesting actually, so yea. it seems the terrible place i have to go back too [i dont want to type the word!] will be here any day now... its sad...\

anyway, Monday was boring like normal. Tuesday me and Bradley went with our Grammy to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [2nd time for me and Grammy], i didnt mind. that movies funny, i got to buy it when it comes out. Yesterday me and Mom went and looked at this Dodge Neon and i might be getting it!!! i was so happy about that! so yea hopefully i will have good news to tell everyone later. Yesterday was also good because i got a call from an old friend and a letter from Kelly!! that made me day so i was in a really good mood yesterday ^.^

Now for today me and Bradley are gonna be spending the day at Grammy's today so yea. Scott is going to be getting me a job [or so i'm told] but yea. so hopefully everything will work out with all this stuff.

so hows everyone? leave me a comment or something.

bye now.

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wow... [Jul. 29th, 2005|07:55 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |okayokay]
[Current Obsession |"Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000]

wow, i really havent updated this in a really long time. its not that i been busy or anything i've just been to lazy to get online and actually type something. but this time i decided to take the time to update this and a few other things, since i'm such a lazy ass.

today was great. one i didnt have to watch Bradley ALL day [until now of course since mom and asshole went out to eat so i get to watch him and asshole's son till midnight *.*], and i went over to Milo's all day. which was great. she fixed up my myspace and everything. shes my little computer nerd and i love her lots for that ^.^ but yea had a great time over there and we even had a walk down memory lane there for a bit. which was fun... and speaking of that i just remembered what we were talking about so i must write it down real quick....

ok i wrote it down so i will have something to talk to mom about tomorrow. but yea.

tomorrow me and mom are looking at cars since i need one, or want one. i told her its like school supplies ^.^ she just gave me a look so i left it at that...

but i just wanted to update since its been forever... bye.

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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2005|12:17 am]
oh yea... like what i did to my LJ???
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2005|12:13 am]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |soresore]
[Current Obsession |"Be Somebody" -3 Doors Down]

omg i feel like i'm going to die. never had a sun burn this bad before. i cant move my arms or anything and i feel like dying, they hurt so bad and i'm being series, DEAD serious. i cant mess with my hair and nothing can touch my shoulders or i will scream.

besides that [its the reason i cant sleep at the moment], got back from vacation, had a great time actually. [besides this fucking sunburn]. but hey, i'm gonna live, aint lucky for dying. even though it feels like i am.

i havent updated in awhile i've noticed that myself, but oh well.

well i'm so tired i'm gonna try and see if i can sleep...

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GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR! [Jun. 15th, 2005|01:28 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |angryGRRRRR....]
[Current Obsession |'The Reason" - Hoobastank [Ashley's headphones]]

god i hate Dennis i am so glad in about....forever....i'll be able to get out of this class forever!!! i'm still supposed to be doing my final [a stupid scavenger hunt] but god i dont want to do this or be here!

ok i feel better now.

i get to stay after school today with Milo so she can finish her photo assignment. and since i have nothing better to do i'll be right with her ^.^

i am so bored and dont feel like doing this. but i must.... so good-day for now.

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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2005|06:49 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |hyperhyper]

WOW. i am really hyper now, i wonder what they put in my food... *ponders, gives up* oh well. doesnt matter but i am really hyper right now.

today was a calm day until about an hour ago. spent the day mostly at my grandmother's house and i did alot of work for her around the house. we made breakfast and i did the dishes for her. [she had a lot and their so much easier to clean than the ones at home!] then we made a 7-Up pound cake [so good ^.^] and i put together 4 shelves for the walls and that took forever! they were hard to put together but got them done. so now my walls shouldnt echo as much after we get them on there.

then we finally decided to get dressed and leave the house. we went to Blockbuster and Target, then headed out to get something to eat and now here i am. watching Dark City [which i just rented] and i drove all the way home hyper than hell. which i still am. also bought movies online YAY! i love movies. anyone that knows me knows that. right?????

but yea.................... this is me at the moment. and tomorrow i have school again. tomorrow is the last full day of school YAY! and then tests. if u really think about it theres only 3 and a half days of school left... did u know that??? bet u did or didnt which ever u prefer.

ok i'm going to shut up now and go. bye.

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Ello... [Jun. 11th, 2005|09:40 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |boredbored]
[Current Obsession |"Cant Take This" -Orgy]

god i am so bored right now. and tired. bu yet, as normal, i cant sleep and i dont know what to do. i am so friggin bored its not even funny. so thats why i decided to update this right now...

last night was fun. me and Milo went out to eat. my brother was with us and my Grammy took us. but we still had fun. "i bet u hes gay, look at him!" hahaha, great times, great times.

and today, me and my Grammy spent all day today, getting job applications and watching movies. so today wasnt the normal OOOHHH lets do this and that. i got mostly job stuff because i really need one.... unfortuntely... so yea. and tomorrow, we'll probably be doing things around the house. so i can help her out some. makes me feel better when i help her out a bit.

i did, however, buy some things today. we bought three movies. [Ginger Snaps, Be Cool and Enduring Love] and i also got two new books [The Notebook and Dracula} so now i have more to read. Oh, which reminds me, last night i finally finished the book i have been reading for forever. but yea now i have that all done. so yay.

well i dont know what else to type. so i'm probably going to go type something new in my xanga now out of pure boredom. cheerie-o.

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Growl [Jun. 4th, 2005|09:22 pm]
[P.M.S-Part-time Mood Sensation |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Obsession |"Opticon" - Orgy]

hahaha, the subject line has nothing to do with anything. no idea why i put it right there. only because i want to i believe. so HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today was fun. i woke up and had to get ready and leave for my brother's party. Milo came and we had so much fun. "AWWWWW thats so cute!!!" - Milo hahahahahha that guy was hot. we had too much fun today. and had lunch, god we're such dorks, but oh well. i'm glad i've been having fun. i havent felt like this in a long time. i'm glad i'm myself again. but i had lots of fun today. and i got my world history project all done which makes me very happy ^.^

yesterday was fun too. yesterday was Tim, Turkey and Angie's birthday. but Tim took me, Little Tim and Jess too the movies. [we went and saw Star Wars, which i tried sleeping] i thought the movie was boring, but yea... we had fun though. those guys are idiots, but hey, gotta love 'em. but still i was having fun and i had Jess so i had some sanity there.

but yes this weekend has been fun for the long run. and i hope it stays that way and guess what....??

10 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm happy about that too ^.^

gonna go. bye.

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